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Welcoming Chaz Lopez: New Assistant Head Coach of the Fort Collins Foxes

Excitement is in the air as we proudly introduce Chaz Lopez as a new assistant head coach for the Fort Collins Foxes summer league baseball team. With his youthful energy, passion for the game, and a remarkable track record in a short coaching career, Chaz brings a fresh perspective and an undeniable fire to our team.

A Rising Star in Coaching

Chaz Lopez may be a newcomer to the coaching scene, but he is already making a difference. Last year, in his first season at Adams State as Head Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, he helped the Grizzlies to their best season since 2017. In addition, Coach Lopez has spent the past two summers as a coach in the Rocky Mountain Baseball League (Denver Cougars and Colorado Springs Outlaws). Last season, he played a pivotal role in the Denver Cougars' journey to the NBC World Series (Wichita, KS). Chaz's impact on these teams reflects his immense potential and the dedication he brings to his coaching.

The Power of Education

Chaz's journey is marked by continuous learning and personal growth. With a master's degree in professional communication, he understands the importance of effective communication in both baseball and life. His educational background equips him with the tools to build meaningful relationships with his players, fostering an environment that promotes not only great baseball players but great men.

Building Two-Way Relationships

Chaz Lopez's coaching philosophy is firmly grounded in the idea of building two-way relationships with his players. He emphasizes, "Building these two-way relationships is at the core of everything we do. Trust and respect are paramount, both on and off the field." Chaz is not just focused on their performance as athletes but also on their growth as individuals. He adds, "I'm committed to guiding them towards becoming well-rounded, responsible, and respectful members of the community."

Passions Beyond the Diamond

Chaz enjoys many hobbies outside of the baseball field. He loves to spend time outdoors, whether it's hunting, exploring, or enjoying a natural hot spring. He also enjoys video games and relishes every moment watching his two favorite MLB teams, the Seattle Mariners and St. Louis Cardinals.

As Chaz Lopez steps into his role as an assistant head coach of the Fort Collins Foxes, we eagerly anticipate the positive changes he will bring to our team. His passion for the game, dedication to building strong relationships with his players, and his impressive coaching achievements make him a fantastic addition to our coaching staff.

Join us in welcoming Chaz Lopez to the Fort Collins Foxes family. We look forward to a season filled with growth, camaraderie, and exciting baseball under his guidance. Go Foxes!

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