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Foxes Host Family Program

Join the Fort Collins Foxes' extended family and become a Host Family for the 2024 season!  We are actively seeking families to open their homes to our dedicated players for the upcoming season.

From late May to the end of July, our players pour their energy into playing over 40 games. During their time in Fort Collins, Host Families provide comfort of a welcoming home and the sense of belonging that accompanies a caring household. Your role goes beyond providing a sanctuary during the baseball season – it's about creating lasting connections and unforgettable memories.

Join the Fort Collins Foxes in shaping positive influences, creating bonds that extend far beyond the diamond. Apply today!

Host Family Benefits

It's hard to show our gratitude for our Host Families, but we are certainly going to try by offering these benefits.

  • Each Family Member in the Household will receive one Season Ticket Package for All Home Games

  • 20% off all Foxes merchandise

  • Host Family Night at the Foxes Game. We'll honor all host families which includes an on-the-field ceremony

  • Host Family end of season BBQ

We understand if hosting a player isn't feasible for you this year. However, your support is invaluable to us! If you know of a family member or friend who might make the perfect host family, please refer them to us. If they decide to host, you will receive 2 FREE tickets to 2 home games of your choice as a token of our appreciation!

  • What is expected from a Foxes Host Family?
    A Foxes Host Family is so important to the players experience in Fort Collins! We ask that they are provided with their own room and bed, or a shared room with 2 beds if they're arriving with a teammate. Players will need access to space and food prep tools in the kitchen, and would very much enjoy occasional home-cooked dinners with their Host Family. Players are expected to do their own laundry, but they will need access to laundry facilities including a washer and dryer. A private bathroom is not required. If a player is sharing a family bathroom, they should have a place for personal items. The door should have a working lock for privacy. We request that you are upfront in explaining the house rules and expectations. Most importantly, treat them as if they are part of the family. Many host families and players develop lifelong relationships - this is our hope all Foxes Host Families!
  • What is expected from a Foxes Player?
    We have a few key player expectations that ensure a comfortable and respectful living environment. Players are asked to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms and are held accountable for any damages that may occur during their stay. Additionally, they are expected to provide their own personal care items and cover their own expenses. We request that players maintain a considerate noise level within the household, especially as some will return late at night following road trips. Above all, we encourage players to interact with their host families in a respectful, courteous, and helpful manner, fostering a positive and welcoming living experience for everyone involved.
  • How are players matched with Host Families?
    We do our best to match players and host families of similar interests. We look for common interests when placing players with host families. We promise to take our time to make the best match and ensure an enjoyable experience for both the player(s) and families.
  • Are Host Families responsible for player transportation?
    No, the responsibility for player transportation does not fall on the host families. It is understood that it is not the duty of the host family to drive their players to the field. Players with cars will take responsibility of transporting those without vehicles. Additionally, the team collectively travels to all away games. While some host families may choose to provide their players with access to an extra car during the season, the decision to do so is entirely at the discretion of the host family.
  • Are Host Families required to entertain players while staying with them?
    The primary focus for our players revolves around baseball. Their daily routine will include practices, games, and road trips. Given their limited free time, you are welcome to extend invitations for family activities; however, it's not required. Our Foxes team is dedicated to selecting players who will serve as positive role model within the Fort Collins community. Players will sign a code of conduct agreement, emphasizing their responsibility to maintain a positive representation of themselves, their educational institutions, and the Fort Collins Foxes organization at all times.
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