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Here's your chance to forge a connection with our players, both on and off the field. By opening your home to our athletes, you provide them with a much-needed sanctuary during their intense summer schedule.

From late May to the first week of August, our players give their all in over 60 games. When they are in Fort Collins, they're seeking a comfortable place to stay with the sense of belonging that comes with a caring household.  Your impact goes beyond the immediate season. Many of our players are destined for exciting futures, potentially making their way to the minor league systems and even Major League Baseball. By being part of the Host Family Program, you become a positive influence in their journey, contributing to their growth as athletes and as individuals.


The bonds formed in the Host Family Program are enduring. As these athletes advance in their careers, they often maintain close relationships with their host families. Join us in creating a shared path of growth and success for both players and host families. We invite you to experience the Host Family Program and embark on a season filled with camaraderie, memories, and the magic of baseball.

Foxes Host Family Program.

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